USB Radio Clock

Up to time with your Personal Computer



The USB Radio Clock is a compact gadget to adjust the real time clock of any personal computer with the operating system “Windows”. The USB Radio Clock is only designed for this purpose, so there is abandoned for a display. Only a two colour LED shows the signal receiving situation. The features of this USB radio clock are:

Technical Data


The required software for this device is available as free download. The software package contains 32 Bit applications, which can be also executed under 64 Bit operating systems. They are suitable for

Installation programs for Windows 2000/XP or "Vista" and higher are available. These programs install the required device driver, the application for the taskbar notification area and proceed the required changes in the system settings (setup of the program in the task scheduler and the permission to change the system time).

Products and Prices

The USB Radio Clock is either available as assembled and approved device or as construction kit. The gadget uses only conventional (wired) parts. The assembling of the kit may be no difficulty for experienced hobbyists.

PCB & Controller

the basic material

Construction Kit

for self made mens (and women)

Assembled Device

the connect and forget solution

This set contains:
  • printed circuit board (current revision)
  • programmed microcontroller (current firmware version)
This set contains:
  • casing
  • printed circuit board
  • all parts for the PCB (full equipment, inclusive high quality DCF module)
  • USB cable 3m
This set contains:
  • assembled and approved device (full equipped)
  • USB cable 3m
  • quick start manual
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Hint: The software package should be installed before connecting the gadget!

The following free downloads are available:



File Size


Software Package (installation program)
Drivers and applications (synchronizing and serialization tool) for Microsoft Windows
(Vista, 7, 8, 10; 32 and 64 bit), english language
Please note the installation hints! (2021-02-24) 5.9 MByte USBDCF77_Setup_Win7_10.exe
Software Package (installation program)
Drivers and applications (synchronizing and serialization tool) for Microsoft Windows
(2000, XP), english language 1.0 MByte USBDCF77_Setup.exe
Instruction manual (english), PDF file 1.0 (2018-04-02) 546 kByte USBDCF77_Instruction.pdf
Construction Manual for the kit (english), PDF file 1.0 (2009-12-04) 1.5 MByte USBDCF77_Construction.pdf
Quickstart Manual (english, german) (contents of delivery) 1.0 (2011-07-04) 202 kByte USBDCF77_Quickstart.pdf

Installation hints:
At the actualization of the program package, it is recommended, to terminate the service application and uninstall the old program package first (no Windows restart required). After this preparing step, the new installation package can be installed. The updated service will be available after Windows restart.
An update without the preparing steps will also work, but the installation program will not finish itself (hang up).

The software applications are able to run without installed USB Radio Clock device (for demonstration). Of course, it can't accomplish the designated work.


You will find information and downloads for software modules and drivers with the following links.

V-USB, Virtual USB Port for AVR microcontroller 
WinAVR, GCC development environment
LibUSB-Win32, USB drivers for Microsoft Windows ®